How is GTA V So Popular?!

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss the process of reviewing Video Games. What criteria should a review use? Does autonomy hurt the Industry? They use their experience with reviewing games to help shed some light on this controversial topic.



Spotify is Coming to Xbox One!!

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James talk about Spotify finally coming to the Xbox One. Maybe the biggest streaming music App on the planet is finally coming to Xbox. They also talk about Apps they use currently and Apps they’d like to see in the future.


Is Destiny 2 a Worthy Sequel?

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James played the Destiny 2 Beta and want to share their thoughts. Is this a true sequel experience to the first game? Does it live up the hype or expectation? You also can’t miss Chris, the Non-Destiny gamer, try to explain what’s happening. It will both infuriate and entertain you. #FlyingCruiseShips

The Xbox Dive 006 (BioWare’s Future / New Telltale Games / Non-Xbox Exclusives)

Welcome to The Xbox Dive. A place on the internet where it’s safe to love your Xbox! Grab and stool and join us.

Episode 004:

-Community Spotlight
-What We’re Playing
-Topic 1 – Casey Hudson has Returned to BioWare
-Topic 2 – Telltale Games We Want to See
-Topic 3 – 3rd Party Games we want on Xbox

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