How is GTA V So Popular?!

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss the process of reviewing Video Games. What criteria should a review use? Does autonomy hurt the Industry? They use their experience with reviewing games to help shed some light on this controversial topic.



Is Destiny 2 a Worthy Sequel?

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James played the Destiny 2 Beta and want to share their thoughts. Is this a true sequel experience to the first game? Does it live up the hype or expectation? You also can’t miss Chris, the Non-Destiny gamer, try to explain what’s happening. It will both infuriate and entertain you. #FlyingCruiseShips

The Xbox Dive 006 (BioWare’s Future / New Telltale Games / Non-Xbox Exclusives)

Welcome to The Xbox Dive. A place on the internet where it’s safe to love your Xbox! Grab and stool and join us.

Episode 004:

-Community Spotlight
-What We’re Playing
-Topic 1 – Casey Hudson has Returned to BioWare
-Topic 2 – Telltale Games We Want to See
-Topic 3 – 3rd Party Games we want on Xbox

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