Ranking the LEGO Games

rankinglego10LEGO Batman 3 was the culmination of the prior 2 releases in the Batman series. While LEGO Batman 2 introduced players to heroes like Super-Man, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. LEGO Batman 3 blew the roof off of the DC Universe with the likes of Booster Gold, Doctor Fate, Star Sapphire, and Swamp Thing. The Game also allows players to visit Earth, the Moon, and each of the Colored Lanterns’ home planets for the first time.

LEGOBatman3Why #10? While LEGO Batman 3 improved on almost everything before it, the lifeless and claustrophobic hub worlds were a step back for the series. The fact is, there are better Batman games on this list, which we will get too soon.


  • Great LEGO Humor
  • Deep Character Roster


  • Claustrophobic Hub Worlds
  • Uninspiring Original story


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