Are Developers Choosing to Skip Xbox One?!?

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss developers appearing to skip the Xbox One and what can be done about it. How do you feel about games getting wide releases but missing the Xbox One? Does that affect your support of the Brand? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. every big game is coming to xbox, obviously not 2nd or 1st party sony games…what a dumb title, very few games are not coming to x1, just like very few games are not going to ps4.


    • We do appreciate your feedback Mike. Hopefully you didn’t just read the title and comment because in the video we dig into this a little deeper and mention several 3rd party games that are out on basically every system except for Xbox One. There will always be console exclusive games, but when a game like Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to PS4, Switch, Vita, 3DS, and PC but specifically is not coming to Xbox, this is something that needs to be discussed. We did our best to address this from both sides in the video.


      • Cuphead has a deal with Microsoft, so that is different. There will always be console only exclusives due to deals that the devs work out.

        Gigantic is a better example, and you are completely right. That game is skipping PS4. I don’t really know much about the game, so I can’t speak to why that might be, but it is only coming to Xbox and PC. Good call!


  2. This needs discussing .Some retro looking crap is missing the xbox,well with litterally 1000’s of indy titles on the way .What is worth discussing is the blockbusters that are not going to the switch .Or how some idiot allmost ruined the XBOX name and how PHILL brought us back from the edge. ‘where averyone should visit at least once.I love XBOX ALLWAYS WILL


    • Rich, we appreciate your passion for this topic and your willingness to reach out and offer us good feedback. We want to hear from the community and produce things content that is both appreciated and warranted. This topic was actually chosen by our Facebook Group and was part of our weekly discussion. Hopefully we do something in the future that you find speaks to you more than this video. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and we hope to see you around in the comments again in the future.


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