Is Cuphead Being Xbox Exclusive a Good thing?!

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss Studio MDHR and the annoucement that Cuphead is a full Xbox One Console Exclusive. But, is that really a good thing for Cuphead or Studio MDHR?



  1. While I agree with your opinion that exclusives are less attractive to the actual gamer, I have to wonder why only now we are lamenting a title that is a console exclusive. There have been other small studios with limited resources who chose to make their game a console exclusive before – remember Ori? It feels like a lot of the media are riding the anti-Xbox sentiment for the views and clicks.


    • First, thanks for taking the time to view our video and comment. We are an Xbox Show and as such, we are huge Xbox fans. There is nothing in our content that is “anti-Xbox”. The goal of this topic was to discuss the risks involved with being exclusive and to hopefully bring more awareness to the game. Hopefully that comes though. Both James and I are very excited about Cuphead and can’t wait to play it!


      • Thanks for the response. Please note that I never called your show anti-Xbox, I wrote that a lot of the media are riding an anti-Xbox wave right now and that is true. It is fashionable these days. I merely wondered why we are only now lamenting the exclusives built by small studios when this has been a serious risk for a very long time. Psyonix was in a very precarious spot financially which is one reason why it made its debut on PlayStation Plus and even then they were desperate to keep the lights on until the first payment from Steam arrived. I preordered Cuphead and I think it will do pretty well. Fortunately, a game does not have to sell well right away anymore to be profitable. Steam sales, Games with Gold and Game Pass can provide revenue for studios for a couple of years after a game’s launch.

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