Are Co-Op Games a Thing of the Past?

Today on The Xbox Dive, Chris and James discuss playing Co-Op Games on the Xbox One. Both Online and Offline, how important are Co-Op games to you?



  1. Almost every single exclusive game on Xbox have some sort of co-op. I like that, cause I barely play single player these days.

    But co-op on PlayStation is a different beast. Sony focuses much more on single player games, and that’s why I don’t intend to buy a PlayStation anytime soon


  2. Co-op games … in terms of couch co-op, it’s as rare as a leprechaun. Nintendo still push this the most to my knowledge.

    In terms of online co-op … It just seems like the games that do have it is just to have it. There is no actual teamwork, rather more enemies or dumb “push the 2 buttons at the same time” puzzle bullshit.

    A shame though. I do like co-op games as well.


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