Ranking the LEGO Games

In 2003 LEGO Interactive partnered with veteran British developer Traveller’s Tales to create the first title, in what would become a series of video games based on licenses that The LEGO Group had. The first project, LEGO Star Wars, was a no brainer. Almost 15 years later, the partnership between LEGO Interactive and Traveller’s Tales, now TT Games, has produced a total of 23 video games with number 24 due out in just a few weeks. The only sensible thing to do at this point is rank those games and find out what the best LEGO Game is.
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Cuphead Review | The Xbox Dive

First announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in 2014, Cuphead has been a long-time-coming, and the anticipation has been growing ever since. But, can it live up to this massive amount of hype? That greatly depends on what you want as a gamer.

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What Legacy Collections Do We Need on Xbox One?

In light of the recent release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, today Chris and James have a little fun and share their lists for “Legacy Collections” they want to see. They cover everything from Ninja Turtles to Star Wars…and if you think Chris brings up Power Rangers, you’d be dead right! What Legacy Collections would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.